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Are you feeling stuck or like you've hit a wall professionally? Does it feel like one step forward and two steps back as various aspects of "life" get in the way? Does "progress" feel erratic, unpredictable, and hard won? Are the ups and downs exhausting you?

Or maybe things are going well, but just not as quickly as you'd like.  

Or perhaps everything looks great from the outside but you know you are only achieving a fraction of the impact that you are capable of (not a fraction of the work, mind you, because you couldn't possibly do more work - a fraction of the impact).

Or you are doing great work but are tired of it going unnoticed, unseen, unrecognized and unappreciated.  

Are you tired of working twice as hard for half as much?

I'm Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, diversity, equity and inclusion consultant and coach. 

I help leaders, teams and organizations integrate inclusion into everything they do so we can ALL be seen and validated for ALL of who we are and we can ALL do our best work as a result.

Most of us face systemic, institutional, interpersonal as well as internalized obstacles to true success - the kind of success where we can do the work that creates the most value for ourselves and others with the least amount of effort because we are aligned with our natural talents and preferences.  

In other words - it's not just you, and you are not alone.

If there's one thing I know, it's that progress is not linear. If it feels like a giant mess of ups and downs, it's because it is.

I can't change that, and there is no magic bullet. 

But what I can help with is some consistent practices to CONFRONT, CONNECT AND CREATE the progress and impact you desire.  

CONFRONT the reality of your current situation and the truth of who you are, for better and for worse (if you don't know where you are, you can't point yourself in the right direction).  

CONNECT with yourself, with what you want, with who you are, with what you are capable of, with others, with help, with support. 

CREATE the changes, shifts and transformations that will bring about progress so you can do your best work for the most impact without sacrificing yourself (or others) in the process.

Introducing... Self-Coaching for Progress and Impact.

One of the tools that I've used myself for several years now, and also offer to my coaching clients, is a weekly check-in. 

I didn't invent this, in fact I first used this with Breanne Dyck of MNIB Consulting, and in a different context with Magda Pecsenye of Ask Moxie. A weekly check-in or review is an integral part of many planners such as the Best Self Planner, EVO Planner, Momentum Planner and more (just to mention a few of my favorites that I've used).  

I've tweaked my weekly check-in format over the years but it basically consists of a weekly reflection on your top 3 challenges, top 3 wins, and your top 3 lessons learned.

Of course, you can implement this for yourself, but if you do well with some external accountability, then Self-Coaching for Progress and Impact is for you.

✔️ Every Friday morning you'll get an email from me inviting you to check-in via a link to a form.

✔️ The weekly email also includes a tip or suggestion based on some of the challenges that have come up in past check-ins or with my clients (of course, in doing so, I never break confidentiality).

✔️ Submit a check-in every week for a month and I'll send you a handwritten note of encouragement in the mail - yes, the mail! Snail mail!

✔️ You'll get a copy of each week's check-in via email.

✔️If you are interested in more support, you can schedule a consult and we'll talk about what that can look like - if you've done a few check-ins, we'll be able to hit the ground running!

Self-Coaching for Progress and Impact is completely free, with no strings attached.


☀️It's automated and easy for me, and I'm already doing it for my coaching clients, and I'd love for it reach and help more people.

☀️I love being connected with people and hearing what their challenges and successes are - I learn a lot and it is inspiring and energizing for me.

☀️I'm committed to helping and impacting as many people as I can and this is an easy way for me to reach more people.

☀️If you end up wanting to coach with me, that's great, but there is no obligation.

What you should know about me:

I'm really good at helping you to articulate what it is you want - your vision - and then figuring out the steps you can take to realize that vision.  

I'm the kind of person that knows what to do when everyone else is stuck, and take the lead or act as a catalyst to make it happen.

I'm passionate about disruptive inclusion - disrupting the status quo so we can co-create the conditions that allow us ALL to do our best work.  

I'm obsessed with the process of unlearning what we've been told, systemically and culturally, about who we should be, and instead understanding our true selves. I believe that seeing ourselves for who we really are is the first step towards being able to see others for who they are too.  

I am committed to authenticity, connection, courage, integration and transformation.  

My credentials:

I'm an Advanced Certified Coach with the Gaia Project for Women's Leadership and a Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner (that means I can do Myers-Briggs assessments). I have a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.  

My background is in architecture, so I am also a licensed architect with almost 20 years of experience managing workplace strategy and corporate interiors projects for global brands. I was also a family and brand photographer and photography coach for parents and to this day, I still love to use photography as a tool for joy, connection, inclusion, gratitude and storytelling.

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